An intriguing experience awaits inquiring minds on Rexburg real estate. Mystery unfolds in The Escape House. Mind play is the name of the game here. Guests who brave this Rexburg property commit to solving a variety of challenging puzzles. Locked into a themed room, groups of ten or less unravel clues and problem solve to earn their freedom. The clock is ticking with an hour deadline counting down.

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Participants seek to assist Eddy, a proficient musician in the Eddy’s Organs section of the house. His health is ailing due to his own carelessness. Players communicate with Eddy’s doctors to try to help, but will they understand in time or will Eddy be forever out of tune?


Pedro is introduced in The Locker. An average nice guy who has run into trouble, Pedro finds himself in the hands of a dangerous group. His hopes for a successful rescue lies in the hands of those playing the game on this Rexburg property. Can they interpret the clues and save him or will time run out? The Rat Race is a new room coming soon.


The Escape House provides a nice change of pace for date nights and hanging out with friends. As groups are often mixed together it’s also a great location for meeting people. Reservations can be made online for either scenario. It is important for guests to arrive ten minutes ahead of their scheduled time as activity start times are exact.